Here you can find several media illustrating the KERAAL project, including videos, photos, logos and schemas. If you are journalist, do not hesitate to use them as support in your articles. All media files can also be downloaded in a single zip file here


Demonstration of the robot coach system
Here is the first demonstration of our robot coach system. We use Poppy, , an open-source and anthropomorphic robot, which has the sufficient number of degrees of freedom to perform coaching exercises. As showed in the video, Poppy is able to demonstrate an exercise, observe the patient performing it and evaluate the performance by providing detailed feedbacks on each body part and temporal phase of the exercise, if necessary. This demonstration has been presented at Innorobo 2017 with the adjacent poster.

This video shows the proof-of-concept robot coach system that we have designed before the project. We target a biomimetic anthropomorphic robot with the necessary degrees of freedom to be able to demonstrate most rehabilitation exercises. The humanoid robot Nao is socially engaging owing to its cute embodiment. Yet, it still has limitations with the degree of freedoms and thus with the range of movements it can perform. That is why we choose to use Poppy in the KERAAL Project.

Computational Architecture of a Robot Coach for Physical Exercises in Kinesthetic Rehabilitation
This is the demo of the following publication:
  • NGUYEN Mai, TANGUY Philippe, RÉMY-NÉRIS Olivier. Computational Architecture of a Robot Coach for Physical Exercises in Kinesthetic Rehabilitation. IEEE International Symposium on Human and Robot Interactive Communication , 28 august - 01 september 2016, New York, United States, 2016 [PDF]


Poppy robot

Poppy + RGB-D Camera

Poppy demonstrating an exercise

Poppy at Innorobo 2017

Full body Poppy

Poppy learning an exercise




Schema of the rehabilitation scenario

Schemas of the intelligent tutoring system